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Our pricing policy is clear, open and honest – no shocks or nasty surprises. That’s a promise.

Service Prices & Plan Durations

The following table shows the price and plan duration for each of our 4 services. Plan durations are based on calendar months. Prices shown exclude VAT or advise that VAT is applicable. n/a = plan not available

To see the full details of a plan’s features, including helpful frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), simply click on it’s name.

Without exception it is always more cost effective to choose the annual 12 month option over plans of shorter duration.

Personal Post Box Plans£90£70£45
Personal Premium Post Box Plan£120n/an/a
Business Post Box Plans£115£75n/a
Business Premium Post Box Plan£130n/an/a
Personal Street Address Plan£110£80n/a
Business Street Address Plan£150n/an/a
Virtual Office Standard Plans£250£175n/a
Virtual Office PLUS Plan£300n/an/a
Telephone Call Answering Plans£145£95£50

Market comparisons

Competitor prices shown are based on research made on 12 May 2015. Figures shown here are as a result of information taken from various websites and telephone enquiries.

Post Boxes:
Personal Post Box: We charge a staggering 57% less than Royal Mail to set up a Post Box, and we offer a host of mail handling options that they don’t. Our annual Business Post Box plan is 45% less than their’s. (Based on our Annual Personal and Business PO Box plans).

Virtual Office
Whilst we don’t go into specific cost comparisons here, a few quick calls will quickly establish that our Virtual Office plan prices are amongst the lowest around. They can be up to 5 times less than some of our competitors, and don’t forget that our itemised charges and deposits are often much lower too.

Virtual Offices are just that, virtual. So why pay massively over the odds for an over-staffed, fancy London building, that you’ll never even see or use?

Surely all you really require is a prestige WC1 address, top flight mail and call handling services, monthly hot desking facilities (available with our Virtual office PLUS plan). With a British Monomarks Virtual Office that’s precisely what you get.

Itemised Charges and Deposits

Our itemised charges and refundable deposits are amongst the lowest in the industry.

With us your mail is totally secure and confidential – every single item of mail we handle for you is individually tracked by our bespoke system via a unique reference.

Our system instantly recognises your account name, names or Box number and follows the individual mail handling instructions you gave us, applying the appropriate class of postage and mail handling option you requested

Check before you buy!
If you are really considering signing up with another company MAKE SURE to ask them how much their itemised charges are – then, when you’ve recovered from the shock, come back and sign up with us.

• Scan & Email from 75p + VAT per letter.
• Letters forwarded/redirected 20p + p&p + VAT.
• Customer collected letters 17p + VAT.
• Customer collected parcels from 60p. + VAT
• Signed for letters & parcels from 60p + VAT.
• Courier collected parcels from £1 + VAT.
• Parcel storage £1 + VAT per day (after 14 days).

• Telephone messages: £1.25 + VAT
• Diverted calls: Call Cost + 15% + VAT

• Postal Deposit: The standard amount we require on sign-up is £45. A condition of service is that Postal Deposits are always kept in credit. Depending on individual levels of usage we may ask to hold a larger amount. As deposits are used up by mail handling and postage costs, we will ask you to top this up as required, most usually the amount we ask you to top up maintains a balance of 3 months worth of averaged use.

• Telephone Deposits: Our standard telephone deposit is £25. If you require call patching or permanent diverts, these area as follows: UK permanent divert, landline & mobile £100. International landline & mobile £200.

Market comparisons

We are in the process of researching competitor pricing in the area of Itemised Charges and will be updating this page very soon with some real eye watering comparisons.

The following comparisons were made on the 12th May 2015. Comparison prices shown are on a strict like-for-like basis and are inclusive of VAT.

UK DESTINATION – We are 37% less expensive

1ST CLASS UK POSTAGE ITEMSWeight (gsm)Company ‘X’ £British Monomarks £
1 items of mail27£1.25.79p

EUROPEAN DESTINATION – We are 54% less expensive

EUROPEAN POSTAGE ITEMSWeight (gsm)Company ‘X’ £British Monomarks £
items of mail27£3.29£1.54

WORLDWIDE – We are 49% less expensive

WORLDWIDE POSTAGE ITEMSWeight (gsm)Company ‘X’ £British Monomarks £
items of mail27£4.87£2.48