Process Agent Services

Finalising an international agreement?

A Professional Process Agent Service can save you time and money.

In today’s global economy, transaction parties are frequently located in different countries from one another. These so-called ‘cross-border’ transactions are often governed by (and therefore subject to) UK law.

A process agent is normally required where the transaction is subject to UK law but where one or both transaction parties do not have a physical presence in England.

The services of professional process agent can help avoid costly delays in the completion of cross-border transactions – their experience and expertise will help you navigate the often complex rules, regulations, processes and paperwork, international deals of this nature often involve.

When finalising an international agreement, there are often many competing interests for your valuable time. Elemental Cosec’s service is designed to reduce the burden on you by providing a clear, professional and reliable service that is tailored to match your individual needs.

Fees are not based on how many contracts are involved in a transaction, instead these are based on the transaction seen as a whole. As long as the contracts involved ultimately form one unique deal, the same fee will apply.

British Monomarks have been providing address and mailing forwarding services to Elemental Cosec Ltd. since 2010. They are an established UK based company that providing professional process agent services (sometimes called an agent for the service of process) in England and Wales.

Should you require a Process Agent for your business please CLICK HERE to visit their web site.

About Elemental Cosec

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As experts in their field, their team provides you with the advice you need to ensure that your company is complying with its statutory obligations pro-actively and efficiently. They use solicitors, chartered secretaries, chartered accountants and other governance and compliance professionals to ensure that you get the advice you need.

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